Ecommerce Promotion Methods

Designing and creating an online store is not all! Now that you have your store fully operational, you need to start attracting visitors and converting them into customers. In other words, you need to start promoting.

If you’re wondering how to promote an online store in India, do not worry. When it comes to ecommerce, your location doesn’t really matter, especially if you’re working on the global market. You might want to use local equivalents of various tools, but in most cases, you can do with what Google offers.

About promotion strategies

Before we get to different promotion methods, you should know that none of them will work all by itself.

Whenever a business owner wants to attract clients, he or she develops a promotion strategy. The strategy includes a number of methods that complement each other. Furthermore, it is common to change the elements of the strategy during the process if you see some of them work better and some bring no results.

Popular promotion methods

  1. Search engine optimization

Also referred to as SEO, this element must be the very first step in any website promotion.

SEO means optimizing your website for search engines such as Google, Rambler and others. Your purpose here is to make search engines think that your site has valuable content so that the engine shows it in the results.

This way you can increase the so called organic traffic, i.e. the number of visitors coming from search engines.

Use SEO Starter Guide from Google to learn more about this promotion method.

  1. Creating valuable content

Let’s assume I’m thinking about buying a bicycle, and your web store sells bicycles. However, before making a purchase and even before looking for a good online shop and comparing prices, I start looking for various guides.

What models are the best for riding in the city? What material should I choose? Which manufacturer is the best? So at this step, I’m not looking for a store, but rather a website with useful information. So if you want me to become your customer, you need to give me this info.

If you want to promote an online store in India, the US or any other country, then creating valuable content is a must. What’s valuable? It depends on what goods you sell.

A buyer looking for a bicycle wants to know more about the models on the market, see high-quality photos of bikes and watch videos. A buyer looking for fan merchandise wants to read interesting stories about his or her idol. Someone looking for clothes wants to see a sizes table and the given clothes on a person as well as some fashion guides.

Useful and entertaining articles, high-quality photos and videos, even virtual and augmented reality – all of it will help you attract more customers. Distribute it via different channels according to its form – via YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  1. Email marketing

This promotion method consists of two elements. First, you collect email addresses and then start sending letters.

You can collect addresses by:

– Placing a subscription form on your site.

– Requesting an email address when a visitor wants to leave a review.

– Requesting addresses to finish the checkout process.

– Using popups.

When you have enough subscribers, you can start sending them emails. But do not turn this promotion method into spamming. Your sales will not increase with the number of emails sent. It doesn’t work this way.

Be extremely careful about how often you email and what you write. When a subscriber sees a title, he or she should want to open and read it. Learn more about efficient email marketing here.

  1. Affiliate partnership

You don’t have to be alone. In order to broaden your promotion area, you can partner with other people.

Let’s assume I own a website with high traffic. The theme of my site is similar to the content of your store. You sell bikes, and I tell people about sports.

We agree that I place links and banners on my site that lead to your store. Each time a visitors clicks on it, I get a commission. Simple and fair, this method has proved very efficient.

  1. Paid search

This method of promoting an online store is very similar to the previous one, except that you partner with a search engine.

The links to your web store are placed in the search results. If a user clicks on them, you pay a commission.

The great thing about it is that users get exactly what they were looking for, so this method is very soft.

  1. Offline promotion

Lastly, if you want to promote an online store in India (where the store operates), you can take to the field!

Even if your shop operates on the web, it doesn’t mean you can’t attract customers offline. Use social media announcements, organize contests, send SMS, offer free sample, give  business cards with your store’s Internet address. Be creative!

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